It will take an act of God to terminate my resolve for holiness, but all it takes is one impulse of my flesh to fail that resolve. The secret is to continue in your resolve in the Spirit’s strength, so that when you do fall, you are not discouraged because His amazing grace is like a trampoline that catches your fall and propels you back up. If you fail this resolve daily, it takes persistent unbending faith in His unconditional love to hope in spite of your hopeless guilt.

Do not let your guilt and sin tear down your faith because His death on the cross covered ALL of your sins. Do you truly believe that? If you did, then no amount of failure will weaken your faith. Faith is dependence on God, so instead let your failure increase your faith. After all, if you keep failing then you must depend more on God who cannot fail. As you increase in this faith, your sin will decrease because you will walk in the freedom of the Spirit. Someone who walks in the Spirit is not striving to abide by the law because his mind and his desires are being transformed so it becomes a natural inclination.

No longer do you feel condemning guilt because there is no condemnation in Christ. Instead you’ll feel a godly guilt that draws you nearer to God’s throne of forgiveness. Any guilt that draws you further away from God is of the Devil. It does not matter how the guilt makes you feel because that feeling is what perpetuates the cycle. Fight your feelings with God’s truth. He looks at you differently, and if you don’t believe it then you are calling God a liar. To be holy we must come to abide and bathe in the source of holiness. Continue your resolve for holiness, my brothers, and you will become an undying knight of the Great King.