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How to Feed the Homeless: Safe, Cheap and Legal

by Isaac Farley
How to Feed the Homeless: Safe, Cheap and Legal


Back when I was a confused, selfish teenager I had an experience with God where He asked me to be his “Jesus of Suburbia.” Ever since then my seldom mission in life has been to represent the character and love of Jesus to my community around me. The biggest part of this has been to put the commands of  Isaiah 58:7 into action, “Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, take in the homeless wanderer and do not turn away your own flesh and blood.” I believe that good deeds create good will within my community and that in turn opens more doors to the good news than it closes.

About half way through college I started to “feed the hungry” at my congregation’s weekly soup kitchen. Two and a half years of being a steady volunteer and donor to that soup kitchen ministry lead me down a road of creating a food-based business that would give jobs to people in desperate need of work. In addition to running this small food business, I work as a part-time tentmaker job in the cafeteria of a factory. When the plant workers go on break, they come buy breakfast or lunch in the cafe.

Between running my own kitchen and working in the cafeteria, I’ve continued to make feeding the hungry a big part of ministry to my city. I’ve been able to redistribute hundreds of pounds of food to people who need it all on my own. And this year I challenged myself: I wanted to see if it would be possible to provide small, weekly meals to the homeless in my community all without a huge ministry or congregation backing me. We are currently on week 12 of the year and I’ve kept up the small meals with little to no problem. They’ve been as simple as 15 pb&j sandwiches with 2 pounds of potato salad and as complicated as 30 plates of Parmesan chicken with sides of funeral potatoes and green bean casserole.

As I’m following in Jesus footsteps and sharing food with Him when He is hungry, I am learning a lot about food and realizing there are ALWAYS opportunities to share good food and good news with a hungry neighbor. This article is intended to be a how-to guide for any other brethren out there who are hearing the call of the Lord to also feed the hungry in their own way. I’ve seen many different ministries who are feeding masses of people in creative ways, and by no means will I be able to cover all ideas, but I just want to provide you with a guide to how I’ve been able to start my own feeding ministry.

Part I: Where to Get Food

The first thing you’re going to need if you’re starting a feeding ministry is, of course, the food and wouldn’t it be great if there were ways to get it at no cost to you? YOU CAN!

Where to Get Food for Free

It has been estimated that as much as 161.6 Billion dollars of food is thrown away every year with 40% of that waste happening in businesses.

My ministry runs primarily off leftovers from work and from my experience, there are endless sources of leftovers from grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and many others that would be perfectly willing to give you the food if you just went and explained to them what you’re doing. They’re just planning on throwing out the food anyway, so all you need is to do is ask them for it before it ends up there. If you think they’ll be concerned about legal issues or liability, skip down to Legal Questions.

Besides asking businesses for their leftovers, you could also approach food banks or other ministries who distribute food and tell them what you’re doing. My business used to have a partnership with a mega-ministry that distributed food in the community. We picked up their extra produce and used it to create food products. Our partnership was just supposed to pick up produce but inevitably the pantry would get way more of other food than they could possibly use. There would be 30 lb boxes of frozen chicken, gallons and gallons of milk, and hundreds of carrots. The pantry never had a shortage of food. Nowadays my brother-in-law is a teacher and once a week his school is visited by a bus from the local food bank and they give food to the kids. When the giveaway is over my brother in law let them know that how I use the food and they give him anything that is left over. I’ve gotten dozens of loaves of bread and hotdog buns from these folks.

Dollar Tree is my personal favorite dollar store chain to get food at. I’ve made plenty of meals for under $5

Very Cheap Places to Get Food

While the main course typically comes from work, there is also inevitably times where I need more than just that to make the menu I have in mind. For those occasions there are three places that I go to. First I check the local discount grocery store; this is a supermarket that sells “second-hand groceries.” All the products here are stuff that was rejected from big grocery stores for one reason or another. The cans are dented or missing labels, they sell halloween candy at Christmas time, and the eggs are a day past their “expiration date” (skip down to Legal Questions for my rant about “expiration” dates). This is a great place to get stuff that is very cheap, but you never know what they might have and what condition it might be in, so for those situations I go to my second stop. The local dollar store is also a surprisingly great place to get very cheap food that is as good as what I can buy at the “real” grocery next door to it. The dollar store even has name brand products – granted they are smaller sizes, but still brand names for $1 plus tax is still pretty cool.

Find where to get a lot of these for cheap. The more sizes the better. You’ll be cooking in them later.

By the way, while you’re at a discount grocery store or dollar store, pick up some aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and a bunch of aluminum foil pans. At my discount grocery store, you can get dented aluminum pans for literally a few cents.

And lastly, I don’t do it often but I also have a membership to Costco Wholesale for my business. I don’t get much food for the ministry from Costco but it is a great place to get paper plates/bowls and plastic forks, knives and spoons. I don’t get food here because it just usually tends to be more than I need for the small meals that I’m currently doing but back when I was volunteering at the soup kitchen, having a Costco membership saved our hides more often than not. The most expensive way to get foodLet me also just mention that the most expensive way to get food for the hungry, but the way that will take you the least amount of time and work is to buy pre-packaged food. Pick up 20 $1 burgers and give them to all the folks holding cardboard signs by the freeway or grab 6 pizzas and take them to the park where you know hungry folks congregate. It can add up but this is a great method for those of us who have a full schedule.

Part II: Cooking the Food

More likely than not your first instinct is to prepare the meals or food at home and then go distribute them. This can be a problem in some cities (see Legal Questions) where the health department requires food to be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Even though I have access to two commercial kitchens, I end up cooking for the hungry at home more often than not because it’s just more convenient for me. When I’m at work, I have work to do. When I’m at home, I have some time to cook. Cooking at home is definitely safe as long as your kitchen is clean and free of pests. I mean you cook for yourself at home after all. You might want to be sure to clean everything with a commercial grade sanitizer just to be sure that it’s all germ-free (instructions here). At home and at work I use a mixture of water and chlorine bleach (Clorox) to sanitize everything. If you want to be extra safe you can wear gloves when preparing food at home. Be sure to wash your hands frequently nonetheless.

Commercial kitchens

Kitchens in many church buildings are so nice you can’t tell if it is a restaurant or a church-building, this one happens to be a church building.

If you’re in a city or county that requires you to prepare meals in a commercial kitchen there are a lot of good workable options for you. If you’re a member of a congregation, does your church building have a kitchen? If not do you have Christian friends at a building with a kitchen? This is probably the easiest way for a ministry to find a kitchen to feed people out of. If you can’t get into a commercial kitchen at your congregation, you could also try finding philanthropic restaurants and ask them if you can use their kitchen to prepare meals when they are closed. This is what my business does. We work out of a Mexican Restaurant. They are open for breakfast and lunch we use the space after they close.

Cooking on site
You can always cook on sight, as well. Many health departments will also allow you to cook on sight as long as you keep the food frozen or cold and is unopened until you get on sight. If you are giving out food at a park with a grill you can take packages of frozen hot dogs in a cooler, grill them on sight, and pass them out. You’ll want to have a few things with you if you decide to cook on sight, including a bottle of sanitizer (Clorox), a bucket for the sanitizer, a hand wash station (how to set one up), gloves, hairnets, two separate containers for clean,  dirty serving tongs and of course a  food thermometer. I also found this tutorial for making a disposable grill for $2 dollars. I haven’t done it yet but it would be a lot of fun to make one of these and roll on up in the park to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon for people.

Part III: Packing the Food

Of course if you’re cooking in a commercial kitchen you could always consider having hungry folks come to you and pick up the food. I don’t do this anymore because my goal is to get the church out of the building and take the love of Jesus to people where they’re at.  I generally deliver food to the local park next to the public library where there is always a group of homeless folks. If you’re delivering food, you’re going to need something to pack it in and also something to keep it hot or cold.

I’ve also found that if you’re giving out soup there’s no better way of packing it than in mason jars.

This is why we got those aluminum foil pans at the dollar store. You can cook right in these pans and then take them to the park and it doesn’t matter if you get them back or not. If you’re doing sandwiches or burritos you can wrap them in plastic wrap or foil. Alternatively, you can pack food into mason jars. My business used to use the regular Ball or Kerr brand mason jars that you can get at any grocery store. Last year we upgraded to an industrial food jar and we have dozens of the old jars left over so I’ve been putting food in these to deliver to the park. Mason jars are great because they’re made to withstand high temperatures so I can fill them with soup or whatever, put them right in the oven, and then take them  as they’re still hot over to the park.

Temperature control

Food borne sickness grow best between 40°F and 140°F. This is called the “Temperature Danger Zone.” So for safety it’s best to keep cold food cold and hot food hot while you are transporting it. Not only that but the food also tastes better if it’s not lukewarm and there’s something so nice about being able to give a plate of hot food to someone who hasn’t eaten for a day or two as you tell them that Jesus loves them and died for their sins. There are also a lot of cheap options for temperature control. To keep cold foods cold just pack them with ice in a cooler.

This hotbox alone cost $180. It’s more cost effective to use a cooler as a to keep food hot.

Catering companies use something called a hot box to keep pans of food hot when transporting it. A hot box is like a big plastic sealed lock box with thick walls that trap the heat in, but they’re very expensive. But what I’ve learned is that Coolers also work as hot boxes. They’re made to keep the temperature inside consistent so it doesn’t matter if you’re putting cold or hot in it, it will keep the temperature consistent. Put aluminum foil pans of hot food right into a cooler and it will stay warm until you drop it off. To keep the food hotter longer you could also wrap some bricks in aluminum foil (yes, bricks), then warm them up in the oven at 425°F for 45 mins. Then place some damp towels on the bottom of your cooler and then add the bricks and place more damp towels on the top of them. The food will stay hotter 3x longer with the bricks.

If you’re looking for a disposable option for keeping food hot, styrofoam coolers work as hot boxes and they are very cheap, but you can’t do the brick trick with them. I’ve used the same styrofoam cooler for months now. I fill it with hot pulled pork sandwiches or burritos wrapped in foil and drop it off at the park. The guys tend walk by, pick up the food, and then I pick it up at the end of the day and go start over. One time when I went back to pick up my cooler the fellas left me a cigarette and beer in the cooler for me as a thank you for the food. I appreciate the thought but I don’t smoke 🙂

Another disposable option that I recently found at my local dollar store: these thermal bags that keep hot food hot and cold food cold, and they hold up to 30 gallons. I bought a bunch of these and use them when I don’t care to get back my hot box. This is all the fun part to me: figuring out what to cook, doing the actual cooking, finding all the tricks and hacks to transport the food and of course sharing the food with hungry people in my community and praying for them. But I am not naive. I know that serving food is a topic that people are sensitive about, especially government agencies. So let’s talk now about some of the legal questions or problems that are likely to come up as you set out to follow Jesus and share your resources.

Part IV: Legal Questions
Is it legal in my city?

In 2014 Arnold Abbot a 90-something year old veteran was arrested for feeding the homeless, this just one such example of the food sharing laws being unfairly, selectively enforced.

Unfortunately, many cities all over the country are enacting “food sharing” laws that are quite obviously more about outlawing homelessness than just keeping people safe. Out of sight, out of mind. These laws require food that is going to be shared in public places to be made in a prior approved and inspected kitchen. But the people who are enforcing these laws are targeting people who are feeding the homeless and they never say a word to countless company potlucks and family reunions that are going on in the same parks. Check this master list to see if sharing food in public is legal in your city or call your local health department and ask them some questions. If it’s not, then move your feeding ministry onto private property, preferably in a church building. If it’s not legal and you can’t find a location, you could always give away prepackaged food or give the food away anonymously, leave it before the park opens or if you’re feeling really subversive wear a mask. I’ve also heard stories about people getting fined for serving food to the homeless and fighting the charges in court on freedom of religion grounds and getting the charges dismissed… Matthew 10:19, anybody?

How do I ask businesses to give me their food? Many businesses assume that they would be liable for anyone getting sick from the food they donate to a food bank or soup kitchen. This is not the case. There are laws in place to protect donors against liability from any problems with their food donations. Look up The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act and learn it well. This Act passed in the ‘90 under President Clinton was created in order to encourage more charitable giving. As long as the food is obviously not tampered with, then the donor is protected against liabilities. Not only that but if they give it to a recognized 501(c)(3) organization (such as a church-organization) then they are able to write 50% of the retail value of the food on their taxes. So if they were just going to throw it away, they might as well give it to an organization who will feed people and recover some of that lost cost by counting it on their taxes.

They said I need a $1 million liability insurance policy to use the Kitchen.

If you absolutely need a liability insurance program, I recommend FLIP, it’s who I use for my business and I have no complaints about them (yet)

It’s fairly common for a restaurant and sometimes even religious organization to require this before they will let you use their kitchen, this way not only are you protected from potential problems but they will ask you to list them as additionally insured so they are also protected. I know one million dollars sounds like a lot but generally you can get coverage for $400 a year. I recommend looking into Food Liability Insurance Program, (FLIP) – which is what my business uses.



OPTIONAL READ:  Expiration Dates Rant

Worried about giving someone food that is past its “expiration date?” You shouldn’t and here’s why; expiration dates are a lie. As someone who owns a food manufacturing company I can truthfully tell you that even though the government REQUIRES expiration dates, there is no standard for how they are supposed to be listed. Every company has their own pattern. Not only that, there is no official process for checking expiration dates that are put on food. NO ONE CHECKS THEM. A company can put literally whatever they want on there and the government would never know. Moreover, think about it logically for a moment. If you’re a food maker you’re going to make those dates as tight as you possibly can because the sooner the food “expires” the sooner you need to throw it away and buy more and the more money the food maker gets.

“Expiration” dates are misleading. For more on this visit eatbydate.com

On top of all of that, you need to pay very close attention to the language that’s used on those labels, they almost NEVER say “expiration date” instead they say “Best by,” In other words, that is not an “expiration” date at all, it’s a freshness date. Meaning the food doesn’t magically become dangerous after the date is up, it just won’t taste as fresh and that is all. If the food is hermetically sealed and canned, then what are you even worried about? That’s not an “it will kill you after this date, date.” Really your body has a very reliable way of testing food to see if it’s good: it’s called taste and smell. If the food tastes funny or smells funny, it’s not good anymore. So let’s all just stop taking those silly numbers so seriously already. At best “expiration” dates are just a friendly suggestion about flavor, and at worst they are a disingenuous attempts to get you to throw away perfectly edible food and buy more.

Part V: Conclusion

To wrap up, can I just say that I had a lot of fun writing this article and I really hope that one of my brothers or sisters out there finds finds this useful and motivating. Please know dear brother or dear sister that I’m happy to help with your ministry in any way that I possibly can prayer or whatever. Please go share the love of Jesus with someone today, give them food and teach them about the Lord, let them know that they’re not meant to live on bread alone but the words from his mouth will also sustain them. Comment any questions or ideas you have and I look for ward to hearing from you.

Praying that this guide reaches the people that it needs to.


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alex in san jose March 29, 2017 - 8:12 pm

Wow. A Christian who’s actually read their bible instead of using it for rolling papers or to wipe their ass?

You, Sir, are extremely rare.

I am not a Christian and never will be one. When I was a kid I was hungry, poor, had barely any clothes, etc. Christians were all around and all they made clear was that they didn’t want any poor people anywhere near them.

But you are different, if you exist, if you are really doing this.

Do this, and Christianity may someday be more than a cruel joke.

Isaac Farley May 11, 2017 - 8:36 pm

Hey Alex in San Jose,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I am doing this, and I’m a real person who’s trying to really follow the teachings of this crazy guy called Jesus whom I believe in with all my being. I’m sorry for your experience with Christians not taking the Bible serously and helping you out growing up.

Would you do me a favor and take a look at this 10 minute video? This is a letter written by a friend of mine who wanted to apologize to everyone in the world for ever being a hypocrite. I think you’d benefit from watching it and I agree with everything he says in it.


I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve ever caused you and the people you care about
Love you,


Punika March 5, 2018 - 11:06 am

What it has to do with Christian or not, I don’t get it. I’m Buddhist and I’m looking the way to help people who are in need also. Religions are not matter, it’s people’s heart! I really don’t care if they are Christian or Muslim or Buddhist but helping each others is the greatest thing for everyone in the world to do in the world.

Brooklyn50 April 18, 2017 - 7:30 am

This small t-shirt company helps improve the lives of homeless children: https://thebridgebk.com/wearing-their-art-your-sleeve-with-purpose/

betrebels.bet July 24, 2017 - 12:50 am

Since the homeless don’t vote much, they don’t get a lot of attention when it comes to our representatives.

eric manou November 26, 2017 - 4:07 am


Thanks for this great article. Very helpful.

I am trying to figure out how to help the masses of hungry and homeless in Oakland and Berkeley and have only made weak attempts in the past.

I am going to try to make this a regular thing with your helpful insight.

Wish me luck 🙂

Take care,
Eric Manou

Isaac Farley March 12, 2018 - 10:19 pm

Hey Eric, hope your feeding efforts are going well!

Please let me know if there are any other topics you’d like to see us write about that would support your work in Oakland/Berkley.

God bless you and we love you.

Forest December 25, 2017 - 4:45 am

Thanks for the tips.

Isaac Farley March 12, 2018 - 10:20 pm

Any time 🙂 God bless and hope you get somewhere in your efforts to feed folks.

Mireille January 26, 2018 - 7:25 am

Brother you are such a blessing for above. God put me the desire to feed the homeless.
Thank you so much for your article, It will help me so much.
Blessings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Vannie Le February 10, 2018 - 11:04 pm

My name is Vannie and I have left the workforce to travel overseas to help the poor. This is what God set me out to do and I am so excited for this journey with Him. My first trip is to help in an orphanage in Guatemala this coming March. But in the meantime, I want to organize an event to feed the homeless in my community. Your article is helpful; giving me the idea of where to get food, where to prep and where to feed. If you and everyone who wants to support me, please follow me on Instagram @ vannietravel.

Isaac Farley March 12, 2018 - 10:18 pm

Hi Vannie, I’m so glad you found my article helpful and God bless the work you’re doing. Let me know how your trip to Guatemala and your feeding event goes! I’m also very open to suggestions for article topics like this one that would help support your work.

PS I followed you on Instagram I’m @otownkitchen

Stephanie Blakeney March 12, 2018 - 2:05 am

Hi isaac! Thanks so much for your article! I’m a Christian and so many times, I have planned to do things for those less fortunate but it never manifested. This time will be different because I have given myself a date (04/15/18) and will sow the seed and joyfully watch others reap!! We all have so much to be thankful for, and God blesses us to be a blessing to others. Throughout my life I have always felt it’s just nice to be nice but moreover who are we as the fortunate if we steadily ignore those less fortunate. I am inspired by Christians like you who are out there helping others in need! Thanks again and may God continue to bless your mission!

Isaac Farley March 12, 2018 - 10:23 pm

Hey Stephanie

Bless you sister and thank you for the comment. Feel free to contact me any time and let me know if I can be of help to you and your mission (even if it’s after 04/15/18). Isaac@otownkitchen.com 801.675.2798

Scarlett April 18, 2018 - 10:53 am

Hey Isaac, Thank you for the awesome article as well as the truth of the matter. We all come from different backgrounds, with different motivations. But gathering together and feeding the less fortunate is a great exploit and deserves a thank you. My husband and I are missionaries to a few different countries around the world and have travelled here and there and what we are learning most right now is that the need actually starts at home in your own back yard, as you said in your City… We are doing what we call a Million Mile Mission we started that just a while back and what it entails is bagging up snacks, and instant oatmeal packages or cream of wheat, that just needs a little water to make it a meal as well as a fruit treat and giving them to all the folks we see out on the street or corners. We place an up lifting scripture of hope to bring a little joy into their day as well as a number and address of the Pastor of our Community Church in case they want to come by and get fed not only physically but spiritually as well. Feeding the body and spirit for inner and outter strength giving hope to the lost. Thank you Isaac and May the God of Peace Bless you and your Ministry. It was a command of Jesus himself to Feed His Sheep.

Daisy June 11, 2018 - 7:12 am

It doesn’t matter what religion you are from. It is an act of kindness. In my church we invite the homeless, the people that some call bums, prostitutes, who ever needs food, clothes, etc. I am sorry
if you went thru hard times and people turned their back on you, there is one person that will never turn their back on you and his name is Jesus Christ, you just have to accept him as your Lord and Savior and you will witness the unimaginable. Please don’t think that every religion is the same, a tru Christian/Catholic/Methodist/any Religon knows that we only serve one God. God doesn’t only want people that are saved, he wants the homeless, the broken, the drug addicts, the prostitues, he wants you to know that he loves you and he can change your life, you might be broken but he can fix you. I as well was cooking for the homeless for a church, i cooked for 100 homeless people every thursday before i went to work. I work 45-50 hours a week and I also have my own baking business on the side. That didn’t stop me from helping others. Please people lets get together and help the less fortunate, it is possible. God Bless

Holly June 14, 2018 - 4:38 am

Hello Isaac,

Typically, my volunteer efforts have been at a local missions. However, this weekend I am on my own. That said, I did a Google search, “getting free food to feed homeless” and up popped your article.

Firstly, God bless you and your tender heart for Jesus & feeding the under privileged. From spending your own valuable time to write this article; to feeding people on the streets of Oakland by helping those who “have not eaten in a day or two”, thank you! But wait – There’s more! declaring your efforts in Yeshua’s name:). I can only imagine the number of people that comment to you, “You always seem to have peace and be happy”.

Secondly, your article about how to help feed the hungry and share the gospel made creative ideas pop into my mind. My reason for searching for “free food to feed the homeless” was not because of the redistribution of the infamous “Best buy” dates to use, but because I do not have a bunch of extra money right now. Your article pointed out some great saving guidelines.

Actually, the laws are getting strict in the area I live. The city has turned off the water and removed the picnic tables. I would not be surprised if a law enforcement officer shows up. I am not downing police officers, they are doing what they are hired to do. Equally important and as you noted, sharing food by potlucks & family reunions is not an issue from the health or police department and should not be for the less privileged, (what a crock). Our ministry may have to move into stealth mode by leaving prepacked food.

Lastly, my prayers are with you as share the gospel and food to feed His sheep. Blessings for divine protection against the enemy that seems to always find a way to condemn the name of Jesus in these last days.

Shine His Light!


Kathy July 10, 2018 - 4:46 pm

Thanks for the article and advice. As of this morning I started making 50 sandwiches to distribute to the homeless on Friday. They have a harder time finding resources on weekends as a lot of places that provide them with meals during the week don’t serve on weekends. It’s not really as hard as I thought it would be if your organized, my goal is to eventually make 150 per week. We shall see if I can reach that goal, I think with Gods help I can, wish me luck !

Sharon love September 24, 2018 - 10:29 am

This is where I am right now May God continue to Bless you I want to serve two hundred Oct 6 and that’s 40 more than before what a Blessing praise God

Amari October 7, 2018 - 6:34 am

Hey Issac. I want to thank you for this article, it helped me and my strategic plans. I too, being a Christian feel drawn to help out the homeless and hadn’t really thought about some of these things. Anyway, keep up the hard work brother. Thanx again!

Lisa December 28, 2018 - 3:43 pm

thank so much for all the information. my husband and I are just getting started and are waiting on the city to see what they allow and don’t allow. so many homeless people here in Florida. It breaks my heart to see people coming out of the woods.

Richard Guerra January 6, 2019 - 7:43 pm

I really appreciate your tips and info..a friend of mine has been doing this is every 2 weeks and I just tagged along this evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and want to expand ASAP. God Bless.
San Antonio,TX

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Kelli S DePaepe August 20, 2019 - 8:32 am

I was excited to see and read your story. My daughter and I give umbrellas and emergency blankets as well as feeding GODS children. We see many homeless on our way to work and feel GOD in our hearts to give. We don’t have a lot but, we know it is what we want and need to do. Some people have pets, we include them as well. Society can be unforgiving, and everyone needs to feel LOVED and not made to feel less than. Stop judging, who knows it could be me or you next that needs a helping hand. Most live pay check to pay check and no one knows what the day may bring. It does not matter their story, JESUS said bring me your broken and less fortunate. Let us not forget we are all GODS children. I found the information to be very helpful, inspiring and up lifting. Thank you JESUS! GOD is faithful. GOD BLESS you Issac in all you do. K and S in Anaheim Ca.

Rolando Castaneda January 11, 2020 - 9:48 pm

I had a Dream where God gave me this image of doing the same thing so, Thank you for the article and i really love what you did. Pray for those i need, Amen
God bless you Issac


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