No Christian should be caught dead walking with this movement (Ephesians 5:7-8). To walk with them is to walk with darkness. No doubt there is some light in this march (eg., its opposition against sexual abuse in Hollywood), but Lucifer’s ploy has always been to disguise himself as an angel of light. He will take some truth and taint it with the blood of deceit. According to their Mission statement, they believe that no one should cut or restrict them from their “ability to access quality reproductive healthcare services,” which includes of course a right to abortions. This is obviously unacceptable, but additionally, they strongly promote the LGBTQ movement that the Christian takes to be perversions of God’s creation (Romans 1). They argue that these people should be free from “structural impediments,” but we all know that this includes any Christian structure as is evident when they seek to remove tax exemption from “bigoted” churches or far worse, when they want to force Christian bakers to make gay wedding cakes.

Let’s also not forget all sorts of vile people belong to this group. These are the same people who were wearing “pussy hats,” the same people who proudly dress like sluts, the same people who utter repulsive things, and the same people who commit all sorts of sexual immorality. They are as Scripture says, “lovers of self” and “lovers of pleasure” rather than lovers of God. These are people we should avoid (2 Tim 3:1-5). These are the same people who would in a heartbeat blaspheme and mock the Lord Jesus Christ. Not everyone is vile in this group, clearly, but it is enough to be a problem. Psalms 1 says, “Happy is the man who does not… sit in the seat of scoffers.” As commentaries note, to sit in their seat is to identify with their sinful plans and behavior. How unhappy is the man who associates with the Women’s March, for God will discipline or worse, deny him!

Self Defenders

The Christian might say, “But Jesus spent time with the adulteress and the tax collectors! I’m just doing the same. I take the good and leave out the bad.”  Do not deceive yourself. Jesus was the light who came to expose men of their evil deeds so that through recognition of their sin they could repent. The Bible explicitly says, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them” (Eph 5:11). I dare the Christian who professes to do this to participate in the Women’s March while exposing their wickedness. Speak against the sin of abortion! Speak against the sin of sexual promiscuity! Explain how their “good” deeds are nothing but bloody tampons in the eyes of God. I guarantee you that you would be stoned, crucified, or beaten down faster than you could say, “Just kidding!”

I fear that the Christians who I see associating with this movement are doing it because they want to be liked and feel good about fighting for justice in the eyes of the world. My brothers and sisters, do you not know that friendship with the world makes you enemies of God (James 4:4)? You cannot take the good and the bad because by participating in this movement, you are empowering them to accomplish all that they intend. I understand how difficult the temptation is. You want to be well liked and you want to do good. Being part of a worldly movement does that. I struggle with that too, but when the zeal for God’s truth comes, it tramples my fear like an elephant trampling on a mouse. I would rather temporarily die at the hands of men than eternally die for rejecting my Lord and Savior. It all comes down to that one choice: Who will you serve? Are you ready to forsake all? Are you willing to risk death for your faith?

Political Errors

From a more political angle, their mission is for the most part nothing more than bumper sticker slogans meshed with virtuous sounding words. For example, having a right to kill a precious baby is now phrased as having a right to women’s health. Well that sounds great! Who would be against women’s health? Or as the movement represents, it speaks for women’s rights in general and in support of better overall social treatment. Of course all of these are good things, but the substantive meaning or spirit that lingers behind these very terms represent nothing more than Satan’s agenda to make this world into a free for all. It may give a sense of solidarity, justice, and accomplishment to march as you scream, “Women’s rights!” but that is no different than marching for endless sex under the guise of “Freedom!” The movement identifies itself with a laundry list of liberal agendas that have nothing to do with women’s rights specifically, but they champion it all of the same because it sounds good to add as much “goodness” as possible so that they feel extra good about themselves.

What does any of that “women’s right” banter even mean these days? Let’s just take women’s rights. Name one right that women lack but males have. Legally speaking, there is no such thing. In fact, if anything women have one right that men do not have: the right to kill their own child. That’s significant. Now of course I know the feminist mantra. They will respond that socially speaking, they are still treated as second class citizens with the wage gap, lack of female representation in government or other fields, the existence of rape culture, and the like.   A specific example of this is given in March’s PDF: “the rate of imprisonment has grown faster for women than men, increasing by 700% since 1980”. They claim that it is our moral imperative to dismantle this inequity. But this is ridiculous. Men are TEN times more likely to get incarcerated than women. Should men be starting their own march about how this is the result of women socially mistreating them (e.g, cheating or saying hurtful things)?

There is so much misinformation and non-sequiturs associated with this movement that even if I were not a Christian, I wouldn’t want to be associated with their fortress of lies. It is often told that there is a 70 cents wage gap between males and females, but a feminist organization (AAUW) demonstrated this to be absolutely false. What happened is that these people who promote the wage gap myth got their data from sources that did not account for the relevant differences between men and women. Once that is accounted for, the difference in pay becomes next to nothing. And whatever difference in pay that is there, it is very difficult to attribute it to any sort of sexism. This is what often takes place in the feminist movement. They will use some statistic and extrapolate some claim that goes beyond what the data in fact shows. What happens is they project their narrative onto the data, rather than the other way around.

Stay Away

Look, I understand that there may be some well intending Christian out there who may have participated in this movement because they are misinformed but genuinely want to do the right thing. There are indeed some good causes that this movement stands for. I do not condemn you as much as I strongly rebuke you to stay away out of love for your souls and a desire for the goodness of God to truly prevail. You have to understand that whatever good that this movement seems to represent to you, it can be done far better under the March for Life movement that I bet you missed. Or if not that movement, start a movement that encompasses a return to Wollstonecraft’s version of feminism based on lost virtues like self-control and purity. But as much as I sympathize with movements, I think every movement is bound to fail if it is not moved by the Spirit.

Every movement will fail if it fails to understand the root problem: the condition of man is such that it is fallen and depraved. The feminist is right to point out that they are victims of violence and that it is unsafe sometimes for them to even walk down a street. But statistics show that men are even less safe than women when it comes to being subject to violence. Women are being raped just as men are being killed. Sexism is just blatant evil that comes out at the surface, but the real evil lurks beneath and it’s not hidden sexism but a corruption of our nature in general. You can hurt a woman without being sexist just because you desire to do evil and you love darkness. Men and women can both be victims of evil, but the gospel truth is that they are not just victims of evil, they are sons and daughters of evil. I dare you to live and preach that message in this world, because you’ll find that no movement that has not been moved by God will be able to bear such a message.

So prepare for hated, prepare for death.
Or be loved by the world, but burn in the flesh.