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Be Disciples That Make Disciples

by Gil Sanders
Be Disciples That Make Disciples

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20

Every Christian knows about the great commission, but they know little about what it really means. Today the ‘institutionalized’ church has taken this to mean getting baptized, going to church on Sunday, attending a bible study, and sending out specialized units of missionaries to fulfill this command for them. As long as you give some money toward the cause that means you’re okay, right? Wrong. This thinking has led to the destruction of churches, it is nothing but a 21st century way of living comfortably without living Christianly.

Imagine most marriage couples neglected to create life out of their love; this would eventually result in the extinction of the world. This is precisely what is happening to the church! Missions are treated as some program or option that some can do and others are not obliged to do but this passage right here does not allow for any exceptions. It doesn’t only refer to Jesus’ disciples because these disciples were meant to create other disciples. What were these new disciples expected to do? To follow Jesus. If he commanded all His disciples to do this, then you too as a disciple are to follow His command.

Instead of obeying His commands like we are supposed to (John 14:15), we create programs and make ourselves to be spectators by delegating the responsibility to others like our pastors and ministers. This just guarantees the gradual death of the church. How can we show our love to the world if our light is hidden and the gospel is not preached? How can we ignore those around us who need us to share God’s joy and love with them? The spiritual riches that we have been blessed with cannot be kept to ourselves, it must be poured out into the heart’s of others.

Take Action

Take on the cross of the Lord Jesus as your baton, it is His vision that you are living to bring to the world. If His dream is not yours, If His life is not yours, and if His ministry is not your then you are nothing but a rotten corpse, dead and incapable of doing anything for His kingdom. Jesus’ way of life is what changed the world and you can change it too if you just lived like Him. Come now my brothers and sisters, you may feel inadequate but that is no excuse. We were all inadequate but He chose to save of us anyway and He did so for a purpose. He wants to use you in great ways for His kingdom!

Discipling means teaching someone of the doctrinal truths of Scripture and then showing them what it means to live that out by your life. No matter how small or weak you are, there is always a way to accomplish this. Don’t feel like you know enough? Find someone you respect as more knowledgeable than yourself and ask them to disciple you. No matter how little you know, as long as you know the gospel, you can still reach out to others. This doesn’t just include non-believers but new believers as well. There are no excuses.

Now go and make disciples of all nations!

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