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What is a Walking Christian?

by Gil Sanders
What is a Walking Christian?

A “Walking Christian” is someone who not only mentally assents to the essential doctrinal truths of Christianity, but is crucially someone whose new life is continuously aimed at a purposeful life of Christ-like activity through the rich empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This activity is rooted in the very righteousness of Christ, whose power forms in us character traits (or virtues) that dispose us to act in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons in accordance with all His commands. The ruling principle over this activity (i.e. that which guides our action) is the wisdom of Christ as discovered from His creation and His Word. This activity is ultimately aimed at a deeply intimate communion with the Lord, an experiential knowledge of His love in all afffairs of our lives. To be engaged in this activity requires all aspects of our being: our mind, our heart, our strength, and our spirit (Matt 22:37). More specifically, this activity involves day and night meditation of His Word, regular prayer, fellowshiping, dying to self, evangelizing, obeying all His commands, being wise in your daily affairs, and helping those in need. To walk in His ways well is the end goal here, as it is not enough to simply walk in them sometimes or when it is convenient to us.

No Christian ever starts off walking perfectly in God’s ways, however. We all starts as newborns in the faith, and even as we mature, we experience various trials that will cause us to stumble along the way. But that’s okay, God does not expect a newborn to be able to walk right away and even when the newborn matures, God understands that as the road gets more difficult, we will fall. The important thing is that in order for you to stumble in the first place, you need to already be walking in the light. A person who walks in darkness cannot “stumble” into sin, anymore than claiming that a swimmer “stumbles” into water while swimming. To walk in something requires that you intend to live your life by some principle/s. But intention at one moment is not enough, it must be a continual intention that motivates your actions for you to be considered as walking in the light. This continual intention even persists when you fall into sin – which explains why we experience guilt. This intention comes from your new self, but you fail in doing so because of your flesh (Romans 7:22–23). So when you stumble, you can rest assured that Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins (1 John 1:7). As long as your life aims at pleasing God, you are on the right track.

Why We Should Walk

To walk in God’s ways is not an option, it is a command (1 John 2:6). If you walk in darkness, then you cannot claim to have fellowship with Him because only those who are “practicing the truth” (1 John 1:6) are in Him. Notice that the emphasis is not that you have practiced truth, but that you are practic-ing truth, where the “ing” denotes an ongoing process of activity. You cannot say a quick prayer, go to church sometimes, hold to the essential Christian doctrines, and then expect to go to heaven in the end. In fact, such a person is definitely not saved. That is the sad truth and is often times the problem with modern Christians today: they hold to an easy believism without any action. At best yes, modern Christians will avoid the major sins (e.g, not murdering, not committing adultery, etc) but their life is not aimed toward dying to self and giving their all to God. Only those who die to their selves daily are God’s children (Luke 9:23). There will be of course days where you fail to do so, perhaps even at worst entire seasons, but a true believer will never stay in it.

It’s also very important that a Christian, while remaining constantly dependent on the Lord for His walk, does not become completely passive. You should not be passive but must “work out your salvation” (Phillipians 2:12) continually. Notice that we only work out our salvation, we do not work for our salvation. There is a difference. When you work out your salvation, you are working out what is already true of you. After all, we are new creatures in Christ that were created “for good works” (Eph 2:10). It is not enough for us to accept God’s forgiveness, we must do good works. This is why “activity” was so heavily emphasized in the opening paragraph. We can only be Christians if we are working out the kind of people we are. Just as a dog wags his tail becuase it is his nature as a dog, so too should a Christian walk in good works because it is his new nature as a Christ-like creature. A walking Christian infuses his faith into every aspect of their life, including things that seem trivial like eating and drinking (1 Cor 10:31).


A person who walks like this is a person who cannot help but be overwhelmed with love for God. This person submits their faculty of reason to discover who God is, and the person submits their emotional faculties to the Lord to mold it in a manner that He sees fit. Each circumstance that we face will teach us to walk better in the Lord. We must embrace everything that comes with following God’s commands: suffering, failure, joy and its blessings. Every affliction that you endure will make you stronger in your walk. We must walk by faith (2 Cor 5:7), knowing that the Lord will guide us to the right path even when we cannot see it. This is the blessed life of activity, for what we do reflects who we are. So let us learn to walk in His ways! That is what this blog is about. Should we watch certain TV shows? Can a Christian cuss? How should we deal with emotions of jealousy in a relationship? These are all questions that a Christian should ask and that’s what this blog seeks to answer.

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