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The Gospel of Light

by Gil Sanders
The Gospel of Light

Men are made in the image of God, and yet they seek to find value apart from God. Being an image, we are only as great as the image we reflect. A mirror can only reflect what is before it, but if there is nothing to reflect, then the mirror is like nothing. So when a man seeks to find his value apart from God, he is like a man who turns off the light and hopes the mirror will continue to reflect himself. Foolish man! You are consumed with self, but you have only lost yourself. By dwelling in darkness you are made blind and worthless. You are the master of your own destruction (Romans 2:5). Adam and Eve sought to be like God by being a light unto themselves, but instead they plunged the world into an eternal darkness.

The Return of Light

Yet by the grace of God we were not without light. The light of innocence was lost, but the light of God still reached the black mirror of our hearts through His law. But the light of God reveals a thing for what it is, so sin became known as sin. And sin, seeking to avoid the light, sought to multiply its darkness through the light. Sin became revealed for what it was: the bringer of death. So then, sin became sinful beyond measure and we became slaves to its great power. The law, being only a revealer of sin, could not save us from sin. This kind of light can only reveal what is hidden, it cannot change what is hidden.

When sin multiplied, the grace of God multiplied even more to oppose it. So what the law could not do, God did for us. Descending from the height of glory, the Light that could not be overcome by darkness entered a dying world. This undying light clothed Himself in mortal flesh, so that through the death of His flesh, we may be saved. Defying all expectations, He came to put to death an already dying world through His earthly death, so that in His heavenly resurrection, all who believe may also rise to life in Him as a new creature in Christ. The black mirror was shattered. No longer were we mirrors, we became the eternal stars of Christ. We were no longer mere reflections for we became what we reflect: light, which is now produced in us because Christ lives in us.

Call to Repentance

This is the gospel, my friends. Today is the day of salvation! Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ while you still live! You never know the day or hour in which you may die. Have you counted the cost of the gospel? Are you willing to die so that Christ may live in you? I do not urge you to repent because I want to captivate you with a picture, but because I want the truth to captivate you. It is the truth, and if you are a truth seeker, you will come to know it as true. But if you suppress the truth in your unrighteousness, then you will continue in darkness and your life’s deeds will burn with you. Stop living for yourself, a tiny speck of dust, and start living for the God that is infinitely greater than yourself.

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