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by Gil Sanders
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Simple answer? Because I am a conservative. What some may be surprised to hear is that during the primaries I was anti-Trump. I called him a bucket of volcanic vices, narcissistic, a clown, and God’s Trumpet of Destruction. But because Hilary was so bad, I was a reluctant Trump supporter. Unlike some conservatives, I could never be a never Trumper. Voting is about voting what more closely aligns with your values, not with what mirrors your values. Selecting a doctor for his skill does not mean you endorse his adultery. Voting for Trump does not mean you endorse all that he has done or said. What’s more important are (a) his policies and (b) whether he will do them. Ideally I would OF COURSE prefer someone with a Christ-like character, but alas, that was not the choice.

These Leftists are increasingly vicious and intolerant. Don’t support BLM, LGBTQ, abortion, pre-marital sex, or SSM? You’re a racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobic, a prude, and whatever other name in the book! Their god is sex, power, and government. So they’ll enforce their ideology in law, indoctrinate kids in schools, cancel or censor those who disagree, and eventually label those who speak against it as “hate speech.” More are voicing support for late-term abortions. Pence was wildly mocked for his sexual purity because these people are “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.” (2 Peter 3:4). Then they display their sexual filth for all to see on social media, entertainment, and music. We live in an age when evil is good and good is evil. Modesty, self-control, and truth is lost on these people. They are lovers of self; hence their idea of immodesty as “self-expression.”

The case for Trump in 2020 is stronger than ever. I would not call myself a “reluctant” voter anymore, but an ardent voter. This is mostly because of just how absurd and contrary to common sense the Left is becoming. More crime? Shortage of police officers? Here’s an idea! Defund the police! Violent protests and looting? Downplay or justify it! Sexual trafficking, diseases, and crime at the border? Eliminate borders and abolish / defund ICE! A black man gets unjustly killed? Assume it’s racism without evidence, support a pro-Marxist organization (BLM), embrace Critical Race Theory, act as if racism is everywhere and just as bad today, and promote anti-white and anti-America propaganda (see White Fragility). Don’t get me started on the coronavirus. Their double standard on BLM protests and church gatherings is outrageous. It’s all a political agenda.

Trump is without a doubt one of the greatest indulgers of this sinful culture. He was adored by the Left, but then he took a surprising turn against them, and now he’s hated. No conservative excuses Trump’s sins, but we do look past it because the sins of the Left are far greater, and because his political actions have taken a turn against his former life and more closely aligns with our values. Surely Trump is still egotistical, definitely not a Christian, and he does say foolish things, but I am convinced that “God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise” (1 Cor 1:27). They looked like overconfident fools after Trump won the election, it was great. Really, Trump is the troll that the media deserves ?

Someone may object, “How could a Christian support a liar, sexist, racist, narcissist pig like Trump who has been accused of sexual assault?” But whatever you can charge Trump with, I can just point to Biden who has had something equivalent or worse than Trump. Biden had a very credible sexual allegation charge, and he’s a known creep that smells up girls. He’s also said racist things like “You ain’t black if you have trouble deciding who to vote for.” Biden has lied plenty of times. Yet somehow the Left does not seem to have trouble voting for Biden! So you can spare us the moral appeals if you’re pro-Biden. Neither of us think our candidates are ideal. However, I do think that the case against Trump on some of these accusations are far weaker than Biden’s after inspection.

The choice is before us. Either we choose a party of death, madness, and godlessness, or we choose a POTUS who aligns more closely with common sense and the constitution. One party is anti-America, the other is pro-America. Really, the decision here is simple and obvious. I firmly believe that God is using Trump as a double edged sword: to separate the wheats from the tares, to give grace to this nation, but also to punish it. For too long have our people stood against the values of God that this nation was grounded in. The blood of millions of babies are on our hands. America’s sexuality immorality corrupts the world. As Scripture says, “the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her sexual immoralities…” (Rev 17:2).

If we do not repent, if we do not stand together, and if we do not break our silence as the silent majority, this nation will fall. Trump cannot save us. Let’s make that really clear. He desperately needs to repent for all the vile sins he has committed or his pride will be his destruction. So when we vote, we don’t vote for a savior. We vote to push toward values of righteousness. We vote to make a stand for God. But don’t ever conflate Trump with God, and don’t let your vote be your only voice. Speak out against the sins of this world to your social sphere, and proclaim the gospel. This nation needs revival. Pray for these things! 2020 is a year judgement. Just as God judged the nations of old, so too does he judge the nations of today.

P.S. If you want to see a list of Trump’s accomplishments, see here (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/…/trumps-list-289…). He’s done an amazing job selecting hundreds of conservative pro-life judges, had achieved lowest unemployment rates for minorities and women, and a lot more. Disagree with his policies as you will, you can’t deny that he gets things done.

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