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Biomimicry and More Thoughts on Gears

by Cyrus Wardly

In my most recent writing or the regular Walking Christian site, Gears of God, I linked together some disconnected thoughts to try to make an argument for the design inference. This week in class a thought came up that I wanted to add to the conversation.

I am currently pursuing an MA in a design-related-field. This week past students of the program came and shared information about their experience in the program, about their thesis work, and about the work they find themselves doing now. One of the graduates is very interested in the idea of biomimicry (defined below). This former student created a project that designed food systems in a community to work like mycelium (the roots of fungus) networks. I’ve found the idea of biomimicry coming up several times this week and I didn’t realize it a week ago when I wrote about the interlocking gears in a leafhoppers legs but this is really what I was saying.

Even in science, engineering and art/design we are beginning to realize how strongly natural systems have been designed and so we are looking there for inspiration. The Greeks didn’t realize they were doing biomimicry when they were creating the gears and wheels of the Antikythera device but they were. It seems like common sense that nature was designed for a purpose. Now the only debate is how did it all get that way?

The Oxford Dictionary’s Definition of Biomimicry is
the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

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