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Some Honest Questions About Race

by Cyrus Wardly

Originally posted after George Floyd’s death triggered another wave of unrest.
To be honest and frank for a second and not trolling whatsoever. Why can’t we all have just agreed that the cop was the bad guy. We should all rally around the clear instance of a cop killing a man for no reason. I don’t know the cop, I don’t know if he was racially motivated. I don’t think you know that either. Instead of this being a clear case of cut-and-dry “screw that cop” why do we have to make it a racial-political issue? One guy in one place doing one bad thing is not proof that the entire country is racist and evil.In my humble, ignorant opinion it seems we are just presupposing that if a white police officer wrongfully ends the life of a Black American then it HAS to be racial. I’m sorry guys but… Unjustified assumption based on ethnicity… Well we have a word for that.

The Biblical message is that racism is a sin. Hate is a sin. The people who hide their hatred behind the cross are reprehensible and I hope they are exposed in life and are judged harshly in the next.

The Christian message is that God made man and woman in His image. What makes God special and unique is also reflected in humanity. The Christian message is that the very God who created us, joined us. Human life is so important that God became man and died to free “us” from things like hatred and racism and violence. I’m not a Reformed person who believes that “us” only includes the chosen few. I am with John the Evangelist when he says, “…. Not only ‘us’ but the whole world.” 1 John 2:1-2. (Context matters). All life is equally important in the Evangelical perspective.

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