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Mansplaining on Mansplaining

by Gil Sanders

I was accused of mansplaining on modesty. But just what is mansplaining? If I say, “Women, abortion is immoral”, is “You’re mansplaining!” a valid response? Is every instance of a man explaining something to a woman “mansplaining”? As far as I understand, mansplaining occurs when a man assumes a woman does not know something due to his belief that men are superior, and thus explains it to her in a condescending way. Nothing I said meets this. I do not believe men are superior, did not address any individual woman or most women. And if it is “condescending” to point out that x is wrong, then that’s self-refuting: you are “womansplaining” to me by saying mansplaining is wrong. The whole use of this word seems like an absurd attempt to genderize facts and ignore correction. I’m sure there are legitimate cases where it happens, but men do it to other men, and it’s easy to misapply because some don’t mean to be condescending by assuming you don’t know. Maybe they just like to explain things.

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