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Just some news

by Gil Sanders

So, real quick life update here: I got a new job at SBN as an IT Technician last week! Better pay, and very challenging thus far (in a good way). Working out 5x a week. I am leading Ratio Christi at Weber every week. Discipling two guys. I’m exhausted. I decided to quit being a philosophy professor because IT work is a lot more sustainable. I may pick up my Master’s again later, but we’ll see. I bought my first gun: Sig P365 XL. I should be receiving my conceal carry permit in a few weeks. Lastly, I’m back on FB in a very minimal way. I’m still not on here much. No more debates or politics, at least for a while. My focus now is on ministry, producing content, and becoming more of a godly man. I’m more fired up than ever ? Hope you guys are doing great!

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