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On Biblical Modesty

by Gil Sanders

Unpopular, biblical truth: Modesty is commanded and highly desirable in a woman. Dress often expresses (or hints to) the character of one’s heart. Do you live for self (“I dress for myself. I’ll do whatever makes ME happy”), or do you live for God? Do you have insecurities and seek attention to fill that void? Do you live for pleasure (“It makes me feel good!”)? Do you value sexual purity as God does? Do you have self control over your desires? Do you regard the common good as more important than yourself or do you defer to a radical individualism (“How other people react is not my responsibility.”)? Do you guard your raw beauty, or do you carelessly cast your pearls among swine? If your first reaction to my opposing viewpoint is rage and the use of extremes to justify yourself (“You want me to dress like a Quaker! You’re a man; you have no say on this matter. So you’d blame me for rape?!”), then that says a lot about you. Modesty is far more than just dress; it’s about your values and your attitude. #RestoreTradition

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